Public Tenders

Bids for public tenders

IPF Consulting offers its customers extensive experience and knowledge in the field of bids for public tenders.

Especially related to vehicles fleet supply contracts and other related services.


Special Appeals
in matters of Contracts.

Study, Preparation and Presentation of Special Appeals in Contracts.

Announcements, Specifications and Conditions that could harm the tender.

Adjudication Agreements, Exclusions of Bids, Inadmissions and Defense of the Bidder. Etc.


Integral adviser
Presentation of Propositions

Study of Specifications and Preparation of Documentation of Economic and Technical Solvency.

Presentation of Propositions, Monitoring and Assistance.


Advice and
Joint Venture Management

Advice on the constitution. Management and dissolution of joint ventures.

Support for access to public tenders.


Public Administration advice
Independent Expert

Technical advice on Technical Specifications writing, including environmental aspects.

Analysis of vehicle needs and concurrence potential.

Electric Vehicles, Hybrids, etc. Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. Customized studies

For more information:
Tel: 609 509 257

For more information:
Tel: 609 509 257

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