SMEs and Freelancer solutions, 2nd Opportunity Law

Freelancer , SMEs and 2nd Opportunity

Need advice for your business? Are you going to start a project? Are legal problems coming up?

We support innovation and value to new projects. Personal attention to the fulfillment of business requirements, Building Societies and Payment Management.

Also we provide an Advisory service in investment and projects, Business Plans, Financing and Project Relaunch.



Foothold for SMEs and freelancers. In IPF we guarantee continuous counseling, providing legal solutions as well as strategic and financial problems arising in the course of their activities.

comprehensive advice on civil, commercial, tax, criminal or labor issues.

Insolvency and default management to customers. Strategic consulting and decision-making. “You have problems? Find your solution”.



We collaborate with Ave Fénix, the best team of lawyers, prosecutors, administrators and economists for insolvency at Second Opportunity and advice on debt cancellation.

You know you can welcome a law that forgives your debts? More and more people are benefiting from it. Cancel your debt with the best team and get a fresh start:

– We will offer specialized equipment.
– Start from scratch without financial burdens, without harassment and without debt.

More Information:
Tel: 663 331 175

More Information:
Tel: 663 331 175

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