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José González Ruiz


Project Manager

MBA por el IE Business School. Diplomado en Alta Dirección por IIST y Certificado en Gobierno de Sociedades por el Instituto de Consejeros y Administradores. José Gónzalez has over 35 years of experience in the business world. He began his career in the late 70s as intern in a business acquired in the 80s by Barclays' financial group. He became named as Board's member just before age of 30 year. He has the next studies; MBA from IE Business School; Diploma in Management from IIST and Certified Government Companies by the Institute of Directors and Managers. He has been founder and director in over ten companies related with the financial world, the automobile sector and the marketing online. He has also participated and managed projects related with mergers, acquistions, financial restructurations, business relaunching and strategic alliances. He has publicated two book. One about business plans and another about the automobile renting's in Spain. He has also contributed with some articles to diferent magazines specialized in the business world and the automobile sector. Currently, as responsible of IPF Consulting, he advises to Senior Management of several international and national business.

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Financial Services

Funding’s Design and searching. Renting. Sales & Lease-back. State incentives. Searching for investors.

Corporative Consultancy

Advice about corporative administration. Mergers and Acquisitions. Strategic alliances. Business valuations. Legal and Commercial consultancy.

Financial Sector Solutions

Valuer of renting and leasing. Business renting's development. Residual Values calculation. Portfolios analysis.

Consultancy Strategic

Strategic Plans. Marketing Plans. Business units development. Marketing On-Line.



    There are many and diverse factors which participates in the estimation of used car price. Some of them are individual characteristics, as car’s conditions or location; and some of them are market features, which are also influenced by the particular circunstances of each vehicle.

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    SOCIAL BALANCE IN A BUSINESS. Human Capital and the employment's value

    There are many antagonist perceptions between business and employment. Since earlier times, worker and manager have been growing a facing relationship between profitability and personnel costs. Industrialization and technological innovations delved, even more, into the wound. Illustrious intellectuals, philosophers, sociologists, economists and trade unionist have enacted doctrine with their studies about this economic and social phenomenon..
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    BALANCE SOCIAL EN LA EMPRESA. ¿Se puede cambiar el mundo?

    Estamos acostumbrados a ver hordas de fans rodeando a estrellas del futbol, ¿alguien ha visto adular de esa forma a un cooperante, por ejemplo, de Médicos Sin Fronteras? Uno ofrece emociones a un precio desorbitado, el otro da vida a cambio de nada.

    Si nos paramos un momento a pensar esto, seguramente veremos que no es lógico...

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